Easily create a Mytesi letter of medical necessity
using OpenAI artificial intelligence technology

When submitting a prior authorization or appeal to a patient’s health insurance plan, a letter of medical necessity (LMN) can help support the rationale and clinical decision to prescribe Mytesi.

Please use the form below to quickly generate a draft letter of medical necessity based on your patient’s clinical history.

Note: No PHI is collected on this form. You will be able to add patient PHI and other relevant information to the final copy, which you can edit in Word on your computer.

Disclaimer: The LMN will be generated by OpenAI. Napo Pharmaceuticals has no financial or business relationship with OpenAI and has no input or control over the content of the LMN created by OpenAI. As the treating healthcare professional, it is your responsibility to review the contents of the LMN created by OpenAI and ensure its accuracy with regard to your patient prior to sending the LMN to the patient’s insurer.

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By clicking submit, OpenAI will build a draft version of a Letter of Medical Necessity in support of your patient receiving Mytesi based on your clinical assessment. We recommend that you review and make any needed changes to the draft and print the final version on your practice letterhead prior to sending it to the payor.

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is a private research laboratory that is dedicated to researching and developing artificial general intelligence, with the primary goal of developing artificial intelligence (AI) in a way that benefits humanity.

OpenAI has been deemed revolutionary for its notable product offerings, which include GPT-3. This powerful language model serves as the basis for other OpenAI products. It analyzes human-generated text to learn to generate similar text on its own.

AI models are developed, trained, and deployed through real-world environments with the use of OpenAI technologies. Machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and other fields are among OpenAI application cases.