For noninfectious diarrhea in adults living with HIV who are on ART

An antisecretory antidiarrheal that:

  • Works by normalizing fluid and electrolyte balance in the GI tract to provide symptomatic relief of diarrhea
  • Is not an opioid and does not affect GI motility

Minimally absorbed, well-tolerated, and demonstrated to have:

  • No clinically relevant drug-drug interactions
  • No effect on viral load or CD4 counts
  • Adverse events comparable to those with placebo


Mytesi, which regulates two chloride ion channels in the intestinal lumen (CFTR and CaCC), normalizes fluid and electrolyte balance in the GI tract—with a very low risk of constipation

Novel Antidiarrheal Mechanism
Primary Clinical Outcome Measure

For noninfectious diarrhea in adults living with HIV who are on ART

Mytesi—The only FDA-approved treatment for symptomatic relief of diarrhea in people with HIV

Results over time with Mytesi2†

Week 4 on Mytesi 125-mg BID

Results over time with Mytesi

61% of patients had at least a
50% decrease in watery stools

Week 20 on Mytesi 125-mg BID

Results over time with Mytesi

83% of patients had at least a
50% decrease in watery stools

Daily diary data were evaluated in a supplemental analysis from all patients treated with Mytesi 125-mg BID in the ADVENT trial for up to 24 weeks. The average reduction in watery stools from baseline was determined by week.

Know when your patients have had ENOUGH.

NapoCares™️ Patient Support

Connect your eligible adult patients living with HIV-related diarrhea to resources that help them access Mytesi.

Mytesi is available by prescription through a network of select specialty pharmacies.

Mytesi Mobile Copay Enrollment

Eligible patients may enroll in the Mytesi Copay Savings Program and download their Mobile Savings Card at today.

You may also enroll your eligible patients in the Mytesi Copay Savings Card program by calling NapoCares at (888) 527-NAPO (6276), Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm CST.

Patient must have commercial insurance for eligibility. Restrictions apply. Rx only. Subject to change or cancellation at any time and without notice.

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